Unifroms by Reyrr


Looking to create a high quality uniform system for the European market with a modern tight fit, we consulted with several high level athletes from European top teams.
We put our combined ideas into action over months of rigorous testing and re-designing.

The outcome was the Mentality Pro and the newly released Flex Pro uniforms that can handle the demand of the most dedicated, hardest working athletes without breaking a sweat in every game situation.

State-of-the-art uniform system

The Flex Pro is our premium class uniform. It's constructed from a nylon and spandex blended fabric which gives it an incredible feel of quality and durability.

The capped sleeves, modern tapered fit and minimalistic design gives it a professional look.

This uniform is offered exclusively as a dyed fabric uniform which gives it slightly less design possibilities but it makes up for it with its full vibrant fabric colors.

When innovation meets the modern football swag


The Mentality Pro is our most popular uniform. It's constructed from a combination of heavyweight polyester and spandex blended fabric and a heavyweight mesh.

It's a 14-panel design featuring capped sleeves and a tapered fit which gives it an aggressive look.

The Mentality Pro is subimated to the color of your liking, and offers both sublimation and embroidered details which gives it endless design possibilities and 100% customizable!


Our Swift flag football unifrom is 100% customizable! We use sublimation as our prime printing technique for flag, so any design is possible to create.

It's constructed from a stretchy polyester and spandex blended fabric which makes it very durable for all situations of the game.

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