“Winning is more fun when you look good while doing it” - Sebastian Gauthier

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At Reyrr outlet we sell products at a discounted price compared to the corresponding new product. The products we sell can either be repurchased or previous display copies. Common to all products is that we check these carefully and that you have the same product guarantees and open purchase as the corresponding new product. This way, you can always feel safe with your purchase from the Reyrr outlet. 

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Alpha Jalloh
With the Reyrr ZERO football gloves
Look like a baller!
The Reyrr Revo with Decals 2.0 is an upgraded version of the original, fitted to provide superior peripheral vision. With ultra-flexible frames and UV protection, these eye shields are seriously hard to beat!
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Schutt Varsity Flex 4.0 Skill

jeg spiller DL, og disse padsene sitter perfekt. God bevegelighet, veier så og si ingenting og putene inni gjør at de er veldig komfortable å ha på.

Petter Langdalen
Kristiansand, Norway

Nike Savage PRO 2

Allt var toppen!
Lätt att beställa, snabb leverans och skorna är otroliga - rekommenderar de till alla linjemän, de sitter toppen, är superbekväma och ger bra support.
Jag tog en storlek större än vad jag har i normala fall :)

Märsta, Sweden

Riddell SpeedFlex

Supernöjd med varorna, servicen och leveransen!

Jonathan Boudiaf
Gävle, Sweden

Riddell SpeedFlex

Supernöjd med varorna, servicen och leveransen!

Jonathan Westerfalk
Stockholm, Sweden

Reyrr Zero Football Gloves

Best gloves I've ever had!

I had the pleasure of trying the prototype version of these and they were so good i had to get a second pair. These are easily the best gloves ive used throughout my career!

Josh Akena
Stockholm, Sweden

By athletes for athletes

Why do we do it?

Frustrated by a lack of suitable football equipment to an affordable price in a monopolistic market. Fed-up with having to choose aesthetics over practicality, or durability over comfort, we decided to take matters into our own hands and start a company to satisfy every requirement,

Reyrr Athletics


The Flex Pro system is our most durable and high quality uniform. The nylon based fabrics used are comparable to the fabrics used in NCAA division 1 programs all across America.


The Mentality Pro system is our sublimated pro style uniform with the option of adding tackle twill numbers and embroidered logos. It's a great option if you're looking for a combination of durability, looks and affordability.


The Swift flag football uniform is a lightweight set that is fully customizable to meet your clubs requirements.