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Reyrr By You is a service provided by Reyrr allowing teams to personalize and design their own Reyrr gloves!


Reyrr Athletics has the best custom gloves for football. Reyrr allows you to create fully custom football gloves and custom receiver gloves. In just a few days, Reyrr gives you the opportunity to create a pair of custom football gloves you've always dreamed of. Every inch on the custom football gloves can be customized to perfection! Get your own custom football gloves with designs today!

Our custom football gloves are made with high-quality materials and can feature any design you want. Not only they look great, but they also help you perform in all weather conditions. Our custom football gloves are manufactured for you with top-of-the-line technology increasing your chances of catching a football.

We have our own in-house graphic design department allowing you to choose your own design, colors, logos, name and numbers you want. Express your unique side and identity with the best American football gloves. We also make custom youth football gloves, custom wide receiver gloves, custom lineman gloves and more!


To allow every athlete to express their own identity while maximizing their performance.


We believe that everyone is unique, has his/her own identity and should always express their personality and creativity. This is the main reason that we launched REYRR BE YOU. To allow every athlete to be distinctive on the field with innovative custom sports gloves so you can #STAYSHARP.

Reykjavik Einherjar

Arlanda jets

Örebro Black Knights

Helsinki Wolverines


Be the #1 football brand for athletes in Europe.

based on our popular Reyrr zero

Our everyday playmaking football glove model; the Reyrr zero. Head turning looks with with game changing performance.
Customize with your team logo. All custom orders can take up to 6 weeks for production. We require a minimum of 15 pairs to be purchased for all custom orders.
Product Details: Reyrr ZERO Glove Model with Vapor-Stick Grip Technology! Synthetic Nylon with Digital Texture Solid Color Design

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