Flöjt MAX Innebandy Målvaktshandskar
Flöjt MAX Innebandy Målvaktshandskar
Flöjt MAX Innebandy Målvaktshandskar
Flöjt MAX Innebandy Målvaktshandskar

Flöjt MAX Innebandy Målvaktshandskar

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STICKY GRIP: Our Grip Tech on the Flöjt MAX can perform under any condition and has just the right amount of stick to support you in that game-winning catch!

 VENTILATION: Ventilation holes in the palms of the Flöjt MAX gloves keep your hand feeling cool and well ventilated.

 FITTING: The Flöjt MAX gloves are intended to have tight-fitting so that you forget you're even wearing them! 

 QUALITY: Flöjt MAX gloves have a flexible, natural feeling and have been tested on by top goalies in SSL and Mr. Flöjt himself with top positive reviews. 


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Customer Reviews

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Emil Eriksson


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Daniel Norberg
Wonderful glove for floorball keepers - Grip, durability and comfortable

I used other American football gloves before I tried Zero or Flöjt Max and before that golf gloves.The reasoning behind using first golf gloves and american football gloves were the feeling of a thin glove and the grip, while still maintaning durability. Flöjt Max achieves all these 3 criterias wonderfully. A really good grip, comfortable glove and significantly better durability than golf gloves or "floorball brands'" gloves. I will never switch back to another brand from Reyrr. The only downside is that if you don't clean the gloves continuously. it could more easily deteriorate because the material becomes harden by the sweat. So take care your glove! (I use XL size, with a palm to finger at ~20 cm)


I love these gloves. For a goalkeeper in floorball they're perfect. The grip is outstanding.

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