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Información sobre Reyrr en España

Reyrr have now slowng been opening in spain and here is all tho into that is need to feel safe to buy from Reyrr.

Stock in Barcelona
Reyrr will be holding stock of items from Nevember. There will br date where no items will be sent from Barcelona directly due to Benjamin bening in Sweden. Those date will be stated above in red. All order will insted of being routed thought BArcelona, they will be sent directly from sweden for same cost. 

Shipping - 
All order will in the begning to based from Sweden, Every monday we arw sending item to our BArcelona location in pubelnow Barcelona. ig you choose this option when make order, your iitem will first be send to BArcelona then to your location

Returns of procuts - 

Legal Notice:

Reyrr is a company officially registered in Sweden and has established operations in Spain, adhering strictly to EU VAT regulations. Our commitment extends to meeting and upholding every relevant Swedish, EU, and Spanish legal guideline and standard.

For our Spanish customers, it's vital to highlight that transactions conducted with Reyrr are fully protected under the same legal frameworks as those encountered when dealing with a Spanish-based company. Specifically, all orders made within Spain will be subject to the local 21% IVA (VAT), ensuring transparency and compliance with Spanish fiscal regulations.

Moreover, we prioritize the safety and security of our customers' data, in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other applicable data privacy laws. Our operations, both in Sweden and Spain, prioritize customer satisfaction, fostering trust, and ensuring a seamless transaction experience for all.

Futute -